Batteries & Oils & Lubricants

Bantry Tyre Centre Ltd supply a variety of leading battery brands for all kinds of vehicle make and model, all sourced from trustworthy suppliers. A working battery is vital not only to drive your vehicle but also to support other electrical mechanisms such as the electric windows, dashboard lights etc. Your battery drops its performance over time, with lifespans contingent on a number of aspects. The typical battery lifespan will last approximately 5 years and then a battery replacement is required. For ideal performance, we suggest you buy a battery from one of the reliable suppliers we stock at Bantry Tyre Centre Ltd like Yuasa, who are famous for the productivity of their batteries. Bantry Tyre Centre Ltd in Co. Cork is one of the main dealers for Fiamm and Yuasa batteries.


Our lubricants include Castrol and our Own Brand.

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